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Expat and Repat Services Bettine van der Heijden

Nootdorp (Zuid-Holland) - vakgebied Bedrijfstraining
Expat and Repat Services Bettine van der Heijden
I am a Dutch Expat Expert. I work as advisor for companies in an international business environment and as trainer of international and expat staff.
I lived in Malaysia for eight years, the first two years in Bintulu and the last six years in Kuala Lumpur. During this period I have built a wide global network of friends, colleagues and business partners who live(d) and work(ed) literally all around the world.

Changing job can be exciting or stressful. Moving house can be exciting or stressful as well. Moving abroad with or without the family to start a new job is definitely both exciting and stressful. International companies continuously send out employees on foreign assignments for short or longer periods. Before being assigned abroad, and prior to returning to the "home country", employees need answers to many questions.

From own experience, I am familiar with both the blessings and the challenges of professional mobility. My training programs and advisory services are tailored individually to suit the specific needs of expats and repats in order for them to be well-prepared before departure and settle down smoothly after arrival.
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Expat and Repat Services Bettine van der Heijden
Vakgebied: Bedrijfstraining

Zwolse Anjer 7
2631 TR Nootdorp (Zuid-Holland)

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