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So So Abdelicious

Utrecht (Utrecht) - vakgebied Vormgeving-media
So So Abdelicious
You want your logo to stand by itself. McDonalds, Apple, and Nike all have recognizable logos and they achieve this by creating simple yet distinct shapes. These shapes are easy to remember and make an impression when you see them. A complex logo is difficult to remember and therefore difficult to recognize when you see it again.

Your logo is the most important branch of your business. It needs to connect, it needs to be recognizable, it needs to tell your story, and it needs to evoke emotion. Without a single word, your logo speaks loud and clear to your customers.

Though logos are meant to encompass your brand’s image and values, it’s best to keep it simple and clean. There should be as much emphasis placed on the functionality and practicality of your logo as there is placed on symbolism and aesthetics. Keep it simple!

Specialized in logos for:

New businesses
Existing business re-brands
Product logos
Corporate logos
Brand development and planning
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So So Abdelicious
Vakgebied: Vormgeving-media

Edmond Audranstraat, 80
3543 BH Utrecht (Utrecht)

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